Our Goals

Future Plans and Goals

The responsibility we have undertaken is crucial, replacing the State in the management of minors with disabilities and their families for Rethymnon. We do it with responsibility and self-denial, voluntarily and free of charge in all the services we provide.
We declare representatives of the parental movement of   a generation of the   disabled in Rethymnon from infants up to 30 years old who have no other favor and support from any structure or organization. At least 150 people who have both high and low functionalities, who have attended formal or special school contexts but who remain home in their adult lives or have no way of managing their time in the afternoons as there are no specialized areas for free socializing and intervention.

However, even at the Center for Creative Employment of the Disabled we serve  “difficult children”,   since they also have needs and we can not, nor do we want as a parent to close any door to children who are eligible for education. We have beneficiaries with quadriplegia, hemiplegia, some syndromes, children with severe to moderate or mild mental retardation and autism of high and low functionality.

New Space Request

Through European Programs, Institutions and other proposals that we have all requested and prepared ourselves, with effort and expense so far.

For the transportation of people with disabilities in all our activities we have just completed a series of summer activities and events open to the general public to buy MEANS OF TRANSPORT (mini bus)

We even dream and ask for a NEW PLACE to be housed,  Vocational rehabilitation for the disabled, Semi-autonomous living shelters, Day Care Center for the disabled.

Volunteers are our support

Active Funders

The space that was kindly given to us at KEFIAP practically no longer fits our plans. Also, unfortunately, we no longer fit there as a burden in the plans for full staffing of KEFIAP RETHYMNO. The time is probably approaching when we have to take another step, the step of separation since it is a fair request of the Rethymnon Hospital to utilize the   whole building.

The Association of parents, guardians and friends of people with autism in Rethymnon is a dynamic NGO, which works hard for the common good. We do not accumulate or save amounts since we attribute them to the fixed needs of our programs. We do not have the possibility since we are not a public body to be transferred elsewhere and no public body has covered us under its auspices. We do not expect a new space to be built for us and to host us if we do not claim it ourselves.

We are only touching on a   hard truth: The fact that we do not have any support. There is no strong financier for us. Of course, this reality has made us very strong to stand on our own two feet and become a fist.
Of course, we have the love of the citizens of Rethymnon for years now. So we claim your support to support people with disabilities. We say YES   to the institutional rights of people with disabilities with   the continuation of any benefits.

Day Care Center

A new chapter opens for the institution with the commitment of the Municipality of Rethymnon, by finding space for the construction and   creation of a Day Care Center for people with autism and special educational needs. A constant anxiety of the parents will be covered as the new Center is going to cover the constant needs of the adults in intervention, creative activities and skills of daily life as well as in the field of pre-vocational education, ideally   on a morning and afternoon basis.

Along   with the establishment of the Center, the aim of the Association is to proceed with the implementation of a semi-autonomous living roof for adults with disabilities. One vision that Rethymno has left behind in this area is the hospitality of people with autism and special needs. With the promise of the Municipality of Rethymno and the collective acceptance of the Municipal Authority, the vision proceeds with the utilization of an unfinished space in a nearby village outside Rethymno.