Our Structures

Creative Employment Centre for disabled children “Mazi Mporoume”

From 2016 until today through the EETAA (Hellenic Agency for Local Development and Local Government) program, the Creativity Afternoon Centre for SEN children (hosted in the area of Center of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation -KEFIAP) operates on a daily afternoon basis and serves up to 22 children with disabilities from 4-17 years old. We serve children with quadriplegia, hemiplegia, several syndromes, children with severe, moderate or slight mental retardation and children diagnosed with high and low-function autism.

KDAP for SEN children of Rethymno “MAZI MPOROUME” is a place for the creative employment of children with special educational needs, where within the framework of a structured psychopedagogical program, with targeted activities tailored to the needs of each cognitive and smooth psychosocial development. Mental health professionals and special education teachers work in this area, while the voluntary work of many undergraduate or postgraduate students of the University of Crete.

Through KDAP we organize creative activities, external community integration programs, social information and awareness actions for all citizens, groups of parents. Our goal is for children to have pleasant, quality and creative moments, while providing support to parents and families as a whole.

Social Haunt For People With Disabilities

At the beginning of 2019 we started operating a space for the disabled – a reference point for parents and people with special abilities.

A space – within the city that provides:

  • Reference point and support – counselling – information – education – provision of social services to the parents and family
  • Support, intervention, educational programmes for the beneficiaries themselves
  • Space for relaxation and tranquility, social acceptance
  • Gives the opportunity to the beneficiaries to enjoy various educational games, programs, treats, film screenings, cultural events, informational activities
  • Education and pre-vocational training
  • Expression and co-education with the wider community, through collaborations with institutions, programs and actions
  • Has the character of a flexible and well-designed space to the beneficiaries’ needs, which will at the same time prepare them for their integration and active presence in our society