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The Association of Parents, Guardians and Friends of people with Autism

The Association of Parents, Guardians and Friends of people with Autism, county of Rethymno, was founded in 2007 based at Pigi, Rethymno and since 2013 is a certified service provider for people with disabilities. It is the only active parents’ association that provides support and education services to disabled people in the county of Rethymno and has approximately 200 members. Since 2012 the association runs a Creative Employment Centre for disabled children which is hosted at hospital facilities (Centre for Physical and Medical Rehabilitation, 23 Papanikolaou Street). In 2018 we established a center for teenagers and adult people with disabilities at 125 Mahis Kritis Street, Platanias, which is where our association is now based. In both our centres, we provide immediate intervention and support to problems involving children with autism in the family, in the school context, in health and in social welfare. We deal with all age groups of people with disabilities and aim at education and early intervention, as well as for the quality of adult living.

We dream of new structures

  • A place supported by living
  • A protected pre-palpation integration laboratory
  • An Education and Lifelong Learning Center for adults with disabilities
  • Communication programs and collaborations with institutions in Greece and abroad.


In collaboration with EEEEK Rethymnon


For the last four years the Association of Parents, Guardians and Friends of people with Autism, county of Rethymno, in collaboration with the Special Vocational Education and Training School unit of Rethymno and many volunteer educators and parents have developed and run groups for teens and adults (40 members). In this action there are many qualitative educational activities, external socialisation activities, as well as a piece of autonomy through pre-vocational training is provided, offering bridges of communication to children in experiential ways. Discussions with a specific theme also take place as well as musical and artistic events. We hope to create a core that works with extroversion and the willingness to collaborate with organizations, having fresh ideas and an eagerness to work.


The power of volunteering


Annually our volunteer group has approximately sixty members!! Every year new and old volunteers cooperate with us, with consistency and love. Through the information and training provided to them, they support every project of ours and they truly stand beside us. Everyone offers as much time as he or she can per week, having a specific role in the group or individual programs of each child. With their active participation, they contribute to the interpersonal relationships of children and adolescents at group level and individually, projecting positive patterns of behavior and communication and thus greatly impact at their socializing skills.

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